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Campaign Introduction

The Great Change

233 years ago a rapid series of world-altering events occurred, the root cause of which is still under heavy debate and theorizing. Massive flooding immersed whole nations in the span of just a few days. Large expanses of earth cracked open as land masses shifted and volcanoes and fissures spewed forth devastating magma flows and storms of ash.

Prior to this event, the great Urkadian Empire spanned much of the civilized world and its cosmopolitan citizenry enjoyed an era of relative peace and prosperity for centuries. With the upheaval of the Great Change, the Urkadian Empire shattered into disparate kingdoms, city-states and nations formed by the survivors.

Creatures which had been unseen for aeons emerged amid the chaos, some from deep within the earth and others of an unknown origin - perhaps from “the stars”. Among these the colossal titans also arrived, to tread the lands of mortals once again, after many ages of being relegated to barely remembered myths scribed on historian’s scrolls.

The chaotic energies emerging from the Great Change also caused mutations among many species. Some animals rapidly evolved to more sophisticated hybrid humanoid forms. Mutation affected existing humanoid species as well, causing strange new forms to emerge.

Adventure Awaits!

This altered world, known as Änderwelt in the common tongue, is ripe with the fruits of adventure to those who seek it. Intrepid explorers, cunning weavers of magic and bold warriors have much to gain across this dynamic and dangerous landscape. Behold the wonders and confront the horrors brought by the Great Change. Discover facets of Änderwelt that most mortals have yet to see. Recover knowledge, arcane secrets and artifacts long since lost in the ruins of the Urkadian Empire.

The Vicinity

The City-State of Solus

Solus is a towering, many-spired city built upon an island. After The Great Change, Solus was quite literally a beacon of hope and order in a world beset by chaos. At the top of the tallest tower in the upper reaches of the city shines a massive amber gem which radiates a magical golden light and this light can be seen from hundreds of miles away, even across the frequently stormy seas.

Solus is ruled by an oligarchy composed of several faction leaders from among the guilds and organizations who control various districts and activities of the city. Solus is a major center of commerce and one of the few intact structural remnants of the Urkadian Empire. Many surviving citizens of the fallen empire found their way to Solus and live there. Travelers from nearby nations visit the city to trade or enjoy the vast array of comforts and entertainment it provides.

Myrkmeer Hold

Now a maritime bastion of pirates, privateers and buccaneers, Myrkmeer was one of the strongest fortresses of the region before The Great Change submerged much of it underwater. Previously a stronghold manned by an Urkadian Legion, it was overtaken by the lizardman pirate lord Vorsskur who rose to power on the chaotic seas of the region. Vorsskur welcomes enterprising sailors who seek trade with no questions asked, as long as they pay tribute.


Grauland is one of the nearby nations which was previously part of the Urkadian Empire. After The Great Change, the folk of Grauland have attempted to rebuild as an independent nation focused on naval supremacy and establishing extensive trade routes in the region.


Necropolis is a city-state of intelligent undead, led by master alchemist Sceletus. Long ago, Sceletus was a human scholar who perfected a process enabling life-after-death, while keeping one’s spirit and consciousness intact. He offers life eternal for those who can afford it or offer a compelling trade. The laws of Necropolis forbid raising undead against their will, so all citizens of the city are undead by choice.

Character Creation Options:

A description of the character options unique to this campaign can be found here.

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